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Join thousands that have attended the Longest Running Wealth
 Creation events in the Nation with Protect Wealth Academy. 
2019 Millionaire Conference
 Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, Dallas, Las Vegas
Speakers LIVE and In Person
Learn How To:
  •  Cash in on $5 Trillion Currency & Crypto Markets
  •  Create Consistent Passive Income Streams
  •  Get Solid Double Digit Returns
  •  Significantly Lower Your Income Bracket
  •  7 Strategies For a Millionaire Mindset
Seating is Extremely Limited
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George Wright III
CEO, Club Prosperity
George is the Co-Founder and CEO of Club™, a personal development and education company. George has built and grown several multi-million dollar companies that have produced hundreds of millions of dollars is sales and revenue worldwide. George has marketed and grown brands for celebrities and best selling authors like Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, the Duchess of York, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Steve Young, Robert Kiosaki, T Harv Eker, and many others.
Mitch Johnson
Crypto & Currency Expert
After jumping out of corporate America, Mitch established his first business in 1994, replaced his income and found his calling in life “Entrepreneurship” Mitch jumped early on to the opportunity in crypto currency world and blockchain technology. He has shared the stage with people like, Robert Allen “Author of 12 #1 best selling books”, Dean Graziosi “Entrepreneur and best selling author and TV personality”, Scott McGillivray “HGTV Income Property”, Donald Trump, and many others. 
Brandon Boyd
Int'l Speaker & Author
Brandon is an International Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. He has a massive, global business that operates in more than 70 countries. His "Morning Motivation" Training Podcast has over 20,000 listeners daily from all over the world. He has trained and mentored thousands of individuals and has built systems and strategies that have repeatedly created success for his partners, members and affiliates. His goal is to continue to Mentor, Train and Retire over 250 people in 2018.
"24 months ago my net worth was about $80,000, but I was $45,000 in bad debt on line of credit and credit cards. After attending the event, I developed a new way of thinking and today I have absolutely no debt and my net worth is $225,000 and growing quickly!"
-Carl P., USA
"Before I attended this course, I was frustrated by the self-imposed glass ceiling I kept hitting in my business. Now, I have uncovered and broken through several obstacles that were completely hidden from my view. I can’t wait to create a whole new financial future that wasn’t possible before."
-Aprille T., USA
"This course has been life-changing! I found myself doing things far beyond my comfort zone. I didn’t even recognize myself. This is the support I needed to turn my financial life around. And I made some very valuable connections with like-minded people."
-Loretta K., USA
"The instructors were well-prepared and knowledgeable and did a great presentation. After finishing the 1-day training I have confidence that I can follow the trainers' methods to achieve my financial goals. You can count on some successful testimonials on the way, thanks so much."
-Elena D., Seattle, WA
"Thank you for all your personal help as I started building my portfolio.It was very overwhelming at first. I knew nothing going into it, but with your help I was able to properly research the properties, avoid the major pitfalls and risks, and learn about a valuable way to invest my money. By following your step-by-step plan I was able to purchase my first certificates and am now earning a 16% interest rate return on my money. I'm looking forward to continuing my tax lien education. Thanks again!!"
-Emilio B., 
Beverly Hills, CA
"We now have certificates in our portfolio. And we just received notices from the county that some of the property owners did not pay their current years taxes. So the county is giving us the chance to buy this years' before they go to auction at the guaranteed rate of 18%. We are excited about that, and will pick up these second year tax liens this month. Also Ben is planning to retire this next year and we will have more time to actively pursue our investments. Thanks for all you help and wonderful information."
-Linda and Ben, 
Las Vegas, NV
"The instructors explained things thoroughly and completely. I received a huge amount of information. It made me feel I could move forward and analyze prospective properties. The information equips you with the tools to immediately find and analyze prospective properties. It presents an incredible amount of valuable material, and I feel I can now move forward with confidence and apply these techniques. Thanks."
-Bill Hicks. 
Tampa Bay, FL 
"I had given up on the idea of investing, but a friend told me about a program they had purchased on the Internet that came with a webinar class. They said the information was really good and worth getting. I decided to give it one more try and I'm glad that I did. I'm involved with Tax Liens right now, but I'm starting to get into Tax Deeds. I'm also converting some of my retirement funds into a Self Directed IRA account where it can earn four times what it was earning previously. I appreciate the information and I would definitely recommend it."
-Thomas D., 
Salt Lake City, UT
Personal Development
Learn how to Develop a Millionaire Mindset with Daily Rituals.
Crypto Currency
Learn how to Create a Passive Residual Investment Stream.
Real Estate Investing
Learn 90 Proven Strategies to Locate Deals in Your Market.
Self Directed IRAs
Learn how to Grow Your Wealth Tax free and Tax deferred.
Create a Significant Income from your Smart Phone, Part Time.
Investor Mindset
Learn how to Create a Bullet Proof Mindset for Investing.
Asset Protection
Learn how to Protect & Shield Yourself from Lawsuits.
Tax Reduction
Learn 52 Tax Deductions to Significantly Reduce Your Taxes.
Estate Planning
Learn how to Structure a Plan for Retirement and Eliminate Probate.
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